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In the history of Uganda, there was no established way of recognizing the people who had contributed greatly to the shaping of this country. In 2001, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and Parliament of Uganda passed a Law stipulating the details of type of medals to be awarded. 

Uganda’s military decorations and medals are awarded to members of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) and other Ugandan military personnel in recognition of their service, valor, and achievements. Here are some of the most prominent military decorations and medals awarded in Uganda: The Order of Katonga, The Rwenzori Star, The Masaba star, The Damu Medal, and The Luwero Triangle Medal. 

The Order Of Katonga Medal
The Order of Katonga
The highest and most rarely awarded military decoration for individual extra-ordinary instances of heroism in the army.
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The Rwenzori Star Medal - UPDF Medals
The Rwenzori Star
The third highest military decoration medals of the army with three classes. The decoration shall be awarded for distinguished
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The Masaba Star Medal - UPDF Medals
The Masaba star
The fourth highest military decoration. Medals Awarded to a person under the same circumstances described as the Kabalega Medal
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The Damu Medal
The Damu Medal
Awarded to any member of the military who was or is wounded in action against the enemy; With an opposing armed or hostile force of a foreign country
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The Luwero Triangle Medal - UPDF Medals
The Luwero Triangle Medal
The Luwero triangle medals are awarded to anyone who was in the armed struggle between 1981 and 1986. Civilians who participated closely with the armed
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