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The Order of Katonga

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The Order of Katonga

The highest and most rarely awarded military decoration for individual extra-ordinary instances of heroism in the army. Only Mwalimu Julius Nyerere has received it. The instances referred to are those that involve voluntary acceptance of additional danger beyond the call of duty and risk of life.The President (or where the President is the beneficiary, the Chief Justice) shall be the only person to make presentations of The Order of Katonga, and every time it is presented, the citation shall clearly indicate the reasons for the award.

The Order may be awarded to an individual more than once on different occasions; and apart from order awarded on the very first time, a bar attached to the ribbon by which the order is suspended shall record each subsequent award Order of Katonga derived the name from a very decisive battle that signified the final victory of the NRA as it fought to capture power. NRA struggle ended, having crossed River Katonga.
The Order Of Katonga Medal - UPDF
The Order Of Katonga Medal

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