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Levels of Doctrine

The Strategic Doctrine

This is the apex of military doctrine in Uganda. It provides the strategic conceptual framework for making strategic military decisions. It establishes the rationale, articulates the philosophy and general principles that guide military activity within the UPDF; conveys understanding but not instructions, based directly on government policy and designed specifically for the UPDF. It functions to establish the framework of understanding of the approach to warfare in order to provide the foundation for its practical application.

Service Doctrines

They exist at the second level and are written to guide the services operating in different theatres. They are sponsored by particular theatre or service commanders, deriving authority from the strategic doctrine. Their purpose is to give guidance to formations and units, and to inform the execution of campaigns, operations and tactical maneuvers.They may be classified to a large extent.
Tactical doctrines
These are the third part of the hierarchy that provides the main body of instructions of the force. They arise from both strategic and Operational Doctrines, providing a common foundation on which all tactical commanders base their plans. The various Field Manuals and standing operating procedures provide the core of this doctrine.