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Chieftaincy of Policy and Planning

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Ministry of Defence & Veteran Affairs

Chieftaincy of Policy and Planning

The Chieftaincy of Policy and Planning is a specialized department within the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs of the Republic of Uganda. This unit plays a crucial role in conducting in-depth analysis and research on defense-related policies and strategies. Its primary objective is to provide accurate and data-driven insights to support informed decision-making within the ministry and contribute to the formulation of effective defense policies that align with Uganda's strategic security interests. Key responsibilities and functions of the Policy Analysis Unit include:

Policy Research and Analysis

The unit conducts comprehensive research on various defense-related topics, including national security threats, regional dynamics, and emerging global trends. It analyzes this information to understand the implications for Uganda’s defense and security landscape.

Evaluation of Defense Programs

The unit evaluates the effectiveness and impact of existing defense programs and initiatives. By conducting assessments, it helps identify areas for improvement and supports evidence-based adjustments to enhance program outcomes.

Strategic Planning Support

By conducting rigorous analysis, the Policy Analysis Unit assists in the development of long-term strategic plans for the defense sector. Its insights provide a foundation for setting defense priorities and identifying potential challenges and opportunities.

Defense Policy Formulation

The Policy Analysis Unit collaborates with other departments and stakeholders to contribute to the formulation of defense policies that address current and future security challenges. It ensures that policies are evidence-based and aligned with Uganda’s broader national interests.

Communication and Briefing

 The unit provides timely and accurate briefings to military leadership, government officials, and other stakeholders on key defense policy matters. These briefings ensure that decision-makers are well-informed when making critical choices.