The vision of the Ministry is to support the UPDF to transform it into a modern, professional, efficient and accountable force anchored on a strong civil–military partnership

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Ministry of Defence Overview


Welcome to the Ministry Of Defence And Veteran Affairs (MODVA) Website. The Ministry of Defence is a Government Ministry responsible for the  National Defence and Security of the country

Corporate Info

About MoD&VA

To defend and protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Uganda, and the Constitution that encapsulates people’s sovereignty through popular will.


The Ministry of Defence comprises of a Headquarter made up of the Ministry’s civilian and military top leadership.

Vision & Mission

Transform the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) into a modern , professional, efficient and accountable Force anchored on a strong civil-military partnership.


The mandate of the Ministry of Defence is derived from the Constitution of Republic of Uganda 1995 (as amended).