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The Damu Medal

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The Damu Medal

Awarded to any member of the military who was or is wounded in action against the enemy; With an opposing armed or hostile force of a foreign country; While serving with friendly foreign forces engaged in armed conflict against an opposing force in which Uganda is not a belligerent party; As a result on an act of any such enemy or opposing armed force;

As a result of any military operations while serving outside the territory of Uganda as a party of a peace- keeping force; As a result of terrorist attacks against Uganda; As a result of injury by the enemy while taken as prisoner of war; As a result of a military operation during the liberation struggles. All officers' men and women killed in action during the liberation struggles shall qualify for the Damu Medal. Damu is Kiswahili for Blood and it was so named to represent the blood so shed by the wounded and killed in action for their country Uganda.
The Damu Medal

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