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Centre for Doctrine Synthesization and Development

Resource Center and Library
The Centre for Doctrine Synthesization and Development operates a library which was established to serve the MoD/UPDF Officers and men. This Library was formerly housed at TISU and was shifted to the CDSD on the 13 April 2013, due to inadequate space at TISU and its usability.

Vision of the Library

To have an information centre that is well equipped and organized to provide updated information, as well as preserving MoD/UPDF Publications.

Mission of the Library

To provide sources of information for research and decision making to all levels of Command.
The main objectives of the library are to support research for the center, ensure the safety and custody of information sources, preserve literature for reference, and promote current awareness. The library plays a crucial role in assisting the center's research activities by providing access to relevant resources and materials. It also takes responsibility for safeguarding valuable information sources, ensuring they are readily available for future use. Additionally, the library actively maintains a collection of literature for easy reference, enabling users to access critical information efficiently. Lastly, the library focuses on keeping users informed about the latest developments and trends in the field by promoting current awareness through various means.
Nature of Stock
The library is stocked with books, magazines, write ups, speeches and MoD publications. It is organized into four sections; Open shelves, Reserve section, Periodical section, and Reference section.
WINISIS- Library software was installed to ease library management. It is user friendly and it is used to retrieve and access the materials. In other words it serves as a library catalogue.
The Library has got two full time librarians and one system Assistant who handles the technical activities and ensures that it operates effectively.
Rules & Regulations
Like any other institution, the library has got rules and regulations which are used as guidelines while conducting library business. Thus, both the staff and library users have to respect them.
Library hours
The library operates as follows; Monday to Friday: 8:30 to 5:00pm The library remains closed on Weekends and public holidays Military history and UPDF museum (future program)

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