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The Rwenzori Star

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The Rwenzori Star

The Rwenzori Star medal commemorates acts of extraordinary gallantry and selflessness on the battlefield. This medal is reserved for those who have demonstrated exceptional heroism and determination, making significant contributions to national security. It is the third highest military decoration of the army with three classes. 

Under exceptional circumstances and with the approval of the President of the Republic of Uganda, the medal maybe awarded to persons other than members of the military. The name Rwenzori is derived from Mountain Rwenzori which is the second highest Mountain in Africa but located in western Ugandan.

This medal serves as a symbol of the UPDF’s deep appreciation for the dedication and sacrifice exhibited by its members in the line of duty. The medals inspire the entire force and exemplify the core values of bravery, loyalty, and commitment to the nation’s defense.

Recipients of this prestigious medal are held in high esteem, serving as role models for the next generation of soldiers in the pursuit of a secure and prosperous Uganda.

The Rwenzori Star Medal - UPDF
The Rwenzori Star Medal

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