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Military strength: Uganda's military is composed of the Uganda People's Defense Force (UPDF), which includes the army, air force, and navy. As of 2021, the estimated size of the UPDF was around 45,000 active personnel, with an additional 35,000 reserves.

Budget: Uganda's defense budget for 2021 was around $1.2 billion, which represents approximately 3.1% of the country's GDP.

Weapons and technology: Uganda's military possesses a range of weapons and technology, including various types of small arms, artillery, and armored vehicles. The country also has a small air force, which includes several transport aircraft and helicopters.

Alliances and treaties: Uganda is a member of the African Union and the East African Community. It also has military agreements with several other countries, including the United States, Israel, and China.

Defense strategy: Uganda's defense strategy emphasizes maintaining internal security and supporting regional peacekeeping efforts. The country has been involved in several peacekeeping missions in other African countries, including Somalia and South Sudan.

Intelligence capabilities are not public information, but Uganda does have intelligence agency known as the External Security Organization (ESO) and Internal Security Organisation (ISO).

Military history: Uganda has a complex military history, including several periods of civil war and conflict with neighboring countries. The country has also been involved in peacekeeping missions and has a history of sending troops to support regional security efforts.

Our cybersecurity capabilities information cannot be made available here, but the country has seen, investigated and handled several high-profile cyber attacks in recent years

Yes! Uganda's military is officially under civilian control. There have been concerns about the military's involvement in politics and human rights abuses by some members of the armed forces, but this is a continuous effort to minimize and stamp out any involvement  

No nuclear weapons: Uganda does not possess nuclear weapons and does not have an active nuclear weapons program at the moment. However, the country has advocated and explored nuclear energy as a viable option to augment other sources of energy 

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