Marine Forces


Commander UPDF Marines

Marine Forces

The Marine Forces have capacity to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Uganda on water. They are able to patrol Uganda's territorial waters in order to detect any illegal activity, either in support of operations to detect illegal activity or in support of operations of civil authority.

Vision Mission and Core Values

The vision of the UPDF Marines is to build a bridge to peace and prosperity. The mission of the UPDF Marines is to build effective and efficient brown water - combat ready, multi-skilled force that will play a leading role in sustaining a credible maritime capability. Our core values are enshrined in loyalty, teamwork and discipline. Clearly, our vision, mission and core values are coherent with the ideology founded on patriotism, a pan African approach, prosperity and protection of our democratic values.


Uganda is at the centre of Africa's Great Lakes. Water bodies cover about 20% of Uganda's territory. Twenty Six percent (26%) of Uganda is Water linked. Our water bodies link us to both opportunities and vulnerabilities at a security, socio-economic and diplomatic levels. Lakes Mwitanzige (Albert) and Rwitanzigye (Edward) link Uganda to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Lake Nalubaale (Victoria) links Uganda with Kenya and Tanzania to the East and West respectively. River Nile, which flows all the way to Mediterranean Sea in Egypt, links Uganda with South Sudan. The internal water bodies include Lakes Kyoga, Mahyoro (George), Bunyonyi, Mburo and Wamala.

Prosperity and Peace

Church Hill called Uganda "the Pearl of Africa". Keri Harvey says, "If ever there was an African Eden, it is Uganda. A place of vastness and extreme natural beauty, with genteel people and rare wildlife, this is Africa's Garden of the Gods". According to Uganda National Tourism Board, "Uganda is a country gifted by nature". The UPDF describes it as an Island of Peace. This is because the founding father of NRA/UPDF believes Ugandans cannot harness nature to prosper without peace. For instance, Albertine Graben is endowed with national parks, fish resources, oil resources and mineral resources. These assets are within our shared water bodies with the DRC. Mitigating vulnerabilities on our shared waterways will enable the UPDF to consolidate peace and security.