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Centre for Doctrine Synthesization and Development

The Centre for Doctrine Synthesization and Development is responsible for the development of Uganda People’s Defence Forces’ (UPDF) doctrine. It is located at the Ministry of Defence/UPDF General headquarters, at Mbuya hill, in Kampala. It is currently headed by a senior officer at the rank of Major General with the title of Commander. The centre has full time staff; Civilian and UPDF personnel in active service, as well as the retired.

Mission of CDSD

To enhance research and doctrine development in order to contribute to the generation and consolidation of UPDF capabilities.

Meaning of Doctrine

Doctrine is a “set of beliefs that are held to be true by a given body” – Gen YK Museveni. It is what is believed to be the best way to do things. Military doctrine provides the framework within which the planning and execution of decisions and actions about military operations is conducted.

It provides guidance for the training and preparations of the forces; their positioning and employment in the battlefield; and to the understanding of what is to be achieved, why and how. It is descriptive but not prescriptive, and the detailed application is left to the field commanders.

Military doctrine is a guide to action which provides a common framework for reference across the military. It serves as a concise expression of how the military forces contribute to campaigns, battles and engagements

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